Inspirational medley<3


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Love this inspirational medley by Tori Kelly, She is one of my favorite artists ever! She is extremely talented and her voice is soooo beautiful! be inspired, cause i was! 🙂


In my head…


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I’ve been soooo emotional lately! And recently I watched the news, and the school shooting in America was on. It was horrible, the feeling i got was just awful! I couldn’t believe that anyone could do anything like that! It breaks my heart so badly and it brings tears to my eyes. I was sat in our living room with my parents and i just had to turn the TV off, i couldn’t watch it without crying, these children had all of their lives in front of them! And seeing their parents and everyone else in deep grief touched my heart so strongly! This is all in my head, and my head is desperately trying to make some sense of it, but i cant, and it just hurts to know that so many family’s are hurting sooo much right now.
So this is my prayer, God: Be there, let your people shine in this unbearable darkness, give them the right words and lead them into the actions of you Lord. Surround them with love and comfort, wipe away every tear and heal every broken heart! God please answer their prayers! ❤

I cam across a song, that actually one of my good friends from the UK wrote, to everyone who is touched by this tragedy, so i wanted to post it here with my own thoughts around this. And i just wanna ask everyone to remember the family’s and others who are hurting from this, in prayer.

Well done, David. This is beautiful!




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Last night i went to prom!

It was definitely a night that’s gonna be hard to forget…
Take that however you want, but at least i had a great time singing for such a great crowd! and everyone sang along with me! you guys were great! 🙂

So here is 2 of the 3 songs i sang last night, sorry for crappy sound, it got a bit wild!  And thanks to my gorgeous gorgeous friend Eline<3 who made it so, that you all can hear it again!

So here it is!

and a big thanks to the guitarist for letting me sing with him! 😀

Tell me what you think?! 😀 ❤

I love…


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Oh my goodness what a match! So, right now the European Championship in handball is on for full! and I am totally loving it! Our Norwegian team played their best so far today. Cant wait to see if we can take this championship too! so for those of you that didnt know, Norway won in the Olympics 2008 and 2012. And they have defended the european championship gold since 2004! They ROCK! 😀

So tonight they played France, who is also favorites to take the gold! And they totally crushed France!

So this is the team in this years championship: Team-Norway_650px

From the earlier matches:
c=0,6,1024,521-w=678-54618 last nedGirls! you guys make me so proud to be Norwegian! 😀 Love you all!!<3

So the following question, can we do it again? 😀

Christmas concert!


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Yes, i finally figured out i’d start writing in english!
So forgive my writing errors….
But as you read this post is gonna be about this years first Christmas concert.
This concert was hosted by the Salvation Army, and it took place in the big church right in front of my house.

I sang with a group of lovely girls, and we performed one english, one swedish and one norwegian song. And towards the end, i sang with two bigger choirs, which was awesome! I really love singing, love, love, love it! 😀

d82220b6422611e2b55e22000a9f09fb_7Ready for the concert!

«falalalala lala lala'» ❤

Whats your favorite Christmas song? ❤

Music to love <3


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Du vet den sangen, som du kjenner igjen på radioen og alle andre plasser med en gang? Den sangen som du aldri klarer å få ut av hodet? den sangen som ALLTID er like bra! Jeg ELSKER musikk! 🙂 Bloggen her kommer også til å være en plass jeg deler god musikk.

Denne sangen er orginalt Michael Jackson sin, men nå sunget av Tori Kelly. Denne jenta er helt rååå!! Hun har en helt utrolig Kontroll på stemmen sin og synger helt nydelig! Dette er så bra fremført av Tori at det kribler i hele kroppen min! Ren Magi! Hun lager også egne sanger som hun også fremfører utrolig vakkert.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy! 😀

1. Søndag i Advent


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Heii sexy!
ja du! Det er snart JUL!

1. Søndag i advent byr på mange ting for min del.  Julegran tenningen i Sauda sentrum er jo en selvfølge!


Er det ikke fint? 😀

«It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas»<3

De siste årene er det også blitt vanlig å være på Speiderenes Merkeutdeling, dette året er jeg jo også speiderleder! Japp, tro det eller ei! Det er ganske så gøy, når en kan få betalt for å dra på rafting!
Ellers har dette hvert en veldig hard dag, er utslitt både fysisk og ikke minst psykisk!
gjør du?! 😀

til next time! ❤